“Laurenellen McCann is a rock star! Their passion and knowledge on community engagement is stellar and I highly encourage anyone dipping their toe into community engagement to train with them. It will make your job duties much easier; therefore keeping you youthful, less stressed and it will substantially increase your job performance!”

“I was transformed by the work you do. Participating in several of the workshops you facilitated has had a huge impact on me. I am a better facilitator/teacher because of you. I learned new effective strategies for addressing issues, having tough conversations in a meaningful and respectful way, and how to make each participate feel heard, included, and valued.”

“Laurenellen brought so much positivity, passion, consideration, kindness, and talent to every single session and all of those qualities also reflected on the lessons they put together. We often forget to be kind, encouraging, considerate, patience, and Laurenellen led by example. They made learning fun and the assignments easy to complete. Thank you for your amazing lectures, ideas, and guidance. I learned so much from you and I cannot wait to put everything into practice. Thank you!”

“I wish I could have taken this training a long time ago, when I started this job. This work helped me see things [about working with communities] that I had to learn through trial and error, and it helped me understand the two-way street that has to exist in community partnership...I think more people in government should have to have to take this. It should be required.”