Laurenellen McCann!!



Hey, there! I’m Laurenellen. I’m a white, trans, and queer educator and artist based in Washington, DC, and the founder and lead trainer here at Build With. I have over a decade of facilitation and public speaking experience, spanning small and large group convenings, mediations, workshops, classes, interactive tours, collaborative art spaces, keynotes, and more.

As a steward of emergence-focused processes, I develop spaces that welcome silence and creativity, celebrate the expression of a variety of communication and learning styles, and help participants cultivate revelation.

I’m no Pollyanna: the work of communal design and institutional accountability is capital-h Hard. My work is informed just as much by failure, challenge, and near-misses as it is by convergence, healing, connection, and success. I am constantly learning, on my own and in community, how to hold this complexity while continuing to carve new pathways for transformation, and I am truly moved by what is possible when we open ourselves to what my friend Kristen Jackson calls “discovery within discomfort”. I hope to help you with the same.

Beyond and throughout my facilitation and education work, I’ve lived a thousand lives as a community organizer, design practitioner, wacky dinosaur parent, drag king, and policy advocate. You can learn more about my day jobs and surreal social arts practice at my personal website: