Hi, I’m Laurenellen. In the summer of 2014, I started thinking and writing about the concept of “build with, not for” in civic technology. Inspired by design thinking leaders like Lucy Kimbell, relational organizing masterminds like Grace Lee Boggs and Saul Alinsky, and heavily influenced by my experience as an organizer with the DC Funk Parade and my years of work at the Sunlight Foundation as the National Policy Manager, I became convinced that we need to invest more in the “civic” in civic tech — prioritizing community leadership and stewardship in the lifecycle of public interest technology.

This page is a collection of outputs, resources, and influences. A roadmap for continued investigation and connection.

Curious to talk more, contribute a resource, highlight a project or tactical guide, or otherwise get in touch? You can email me here or tweet at @elle_mccann.



Just released: Experimental Modes of Civic Engagement in Civic Tech (book) is an investigation of needs-responsive, community-led approaches to building civic technology, funded by the Chicago Community Trust through the Knight Foundation Community Information Challenge.

Available for free here or purchase a hard copy via Amazon.