Below you’ll find a menu of workshops and classes currently available directly through Build With or through one of our partners. We take pride in the excellence of our educational offerings, and in making sure they are tailored to meet our clients’ context and needs.

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Make Meaningful Connections: Community Engagement Bootcamp

This is an introduction to power-aware engagement planning, designed to level up your outreach and organizing skills. Together, we’ll explore the principles and practices of effective, short- and long-term engagement projects, and introduce foundational tools and techniques to help you not “build” community, but to turn up for others as you would have them turn up for you. Come prepared to work on a real strategic goal or engagement project of your choice.

Past clients include: Code for America, The Center for Government Excellence, Work Works Cities, New York City’s Open Data Coordinator Program

Accountability is a form of care

This workshop is navigates the realities of Code of Conduct enforcement and other means of community standards and harm prevention within a broader vision of community accountability. We’ll explore how to create cultures that mend, while learning specific tactics for intervention and mediation that we can bring home and adapt to our individual contexts.

Past clients include: Code for America Brigades, direct action teams, artist collectives

Aligning vision, values, and action

Whether you’re setting your vision and mission for the first time, or seeking to re-up and re-align your intentions with your impact and practice, this workshop is for you. In this session, we chart our course in the present by visiting the future, and weave challenging, but realistic goals and timelines together to craft values guidance for our work with the backing of accountability. All staff/collective participation is encouraged.

Past clients include: The Center for Government Excellence, New America DC

Community Engagement: Tools and Techniques for Making Meaningful Connections

“Community engagement” is prized as both a key incentive for and desired outcome of open data and digital government services. However, all too often, the skills, strategies, and activities necessary to develop meaningful community engagement are deprioritized at best or go unrecognized at worst, leaving civil servants scrambling to activate constituents with little time, resources, or capacity.

This online course, developed by Build With for local governments and hosted by the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, is designed to introduce and level up essential engagement planning, outreach, and organizing skills, and apply them to a real-world initiative of your choosing. Drawing on best practices in multiple sectors, we’ll delve into the art and science of mobilizing diverse communities, crafting lasting partnerships, and telling the story of our work. Although framed around data and digital initiatives, the skills and strategies learned here can be broadly applied to other government programs as well.

Learn more about this class (and apply if you work in a US local government!) at

PRIOR Workshops

  • Radical Transparency: on self care in the context of self work and movement work, co-designed with Tanvi Avasthi

  • Co-Designing Our Cities (The Remix!): a role playing game exploring displacement, urban planning, and organizing, adapted with consent from Jay Wall, Joel Gilbert Anderson, Zahra Ebrahi

  • Identity and Power: mapping the complexities of our selves at the intersections of teams and work

  • Working with Discomfort: An Introduction to Facilitation: a train the trainer on facilitation, co-designed with Kristen Jackson of the Woolly Mammoth Theatre

  • Identifying Bias: this workshop helps teams identify and problem-solve covert and overt biaseses in team structure, strategy, and planning